Wednesday, 22 September 2010

You are Very Special

In The Name of ALLAH S.W.T.

The Most Gracious


The Most Merciful

Zain Bhikha - You're very special

You are very special
There’s no one just like you
Created by the Master
ALLAH created you. You are very special
Exclusively designed. You are very special
And I’m so glad you’re mine

You were made by ALLAH
HE fashioned your heart
You were made by ALLAH
HE knew you from the start
You were made by ALLAH
Unique in all your ways
You were made by ALLAH
To praise HIM all your days

Bright little eyes HE gave you
To help you find your way
May ALLAH grant them wisdom
To see you through each day
You are very special
There's only of you
You are very special
And remember I love you

Whatever life will bring you
Whatever you will bear
Remember your Creator
ALLAH is always there
And when your world is crumbling
With pain and darkness too
Just look into your heart
ALLAH is there for you

This song is dedicated to both my families ^___^

^Wallahu A'lam^

P/S: Alhamdulillah, sedikit peningkatan dalam usaha bangun awal

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